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Recording • Mixing • Mastering

CD Mastering


This is one of our our main sources of business. Clients can expect to leave with a Red Book quality Master and a Safety/Listening Copy.  Further copies are $5 each.


DVD Mastering


Stereo mastering for DVD

Mastering Stereo Audio for DVD involves the same time frame and costs as mastering CD Stereo Audio.


Audio Transfers


Digital dubbing transfers and editing is charged at $AU70 per hour . Bulk discounts available!  SongCave can compile, transfer and restore your masters from most formats.


Accepted Formats


SongCave accepts audio in the following formats:


• CD-R


• WAV files at 16/24-Bit 44.1/48/96kHz stored on CD-R, DVD-R, or PC, Linux or MAC- compatible Hard Drives.

• Cassette (if it is critical.)


The Final Product


At the end of every mastering session a "Red Book" standard Master disc is burnt, error checked then listened to, uninterrupted, in its entirety.


We can also supply 24 or 16-Bit, 44.1 or 48kHz .wav files on DVD when requested.




Most albums that leave SongCave have an average session time of 6-7 hours. Obviously some take longer, however 5 hours is the minimum time we can master your record, create and check the CD Masters.


You can expect to leave with a "Red Book" standard Master and a Safety/Listening Copy.




Most E.Ps at SongCave have an average session time of 2.5 to 3 hours.



Singles (1 or 2 songs)


Of course the more songs you do the more economical things get. Most Singles ( 2 songs) at SongCave have an average cost of $200 and all masters are included in that price.


A good rule of thumb for mastering at SongCave is that by the time the masters are made and checked it averages out to be about $100 per song.




Typically we are booked two to three weeks in advance for albums and E.Ps but we may be able to slip in a shorter job earlier. As always ring us and check, we have been known to shuffle things around for our clients in a real bind. Please check with us as we're here to help.




We encourage anybody who wants to come the mastering session to come along. There is not much for the client to do except have a look, a listen and a chat but the way we see it is this a people business, and the closer we can get to the client the better we can serve them.


Digital Backup


At SongCave we backup your data as a courtesy and keep it for 90 days.