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Martin Foote - his new album is getting almost daily radio play on ABC Radio National! 


We are pleased to announce that BRIANNA HOLM (hwho recorded her latest CD with us) was recently on "The Voice"with her stunning rendition of Creep by Radiohead

Go girl!! :)


"I've known Eliot for many years both personally and professionally. He never fails at getting great sounds in the studio. He has a relaxed and easy going manner. This helps to make the recording process fun, very smooth and easy every time. I recommend SongCave to anyone who's looking for a finished recording of high quality"


Paul Wheeler - Icehouse/Choir Boys 



 .....Eliot is Australia's Butch Vig.

                                 The Convicts (Band)


Hi I’m Kell. I’m a part time amateur singer / songwriter. For a long time now I have wanted to record my own songs and have them collated as an album. Whilst getting my tracks together at home and putting down a rough demo as a guide I began asking some of my muso friends, who have recorded previously, and people in the “know” who they would recommend to record with. Without a second thought, and I asked a few people, everyone recommended Eliot Reynolds at SongCave Studios.


First time in a recording studio with a million things going through your mind of “what you want to achieve” and “can I cut It”  can be a very stressful and daunting time….. right ? Not at SongCave.


Eliot’s relaxed and professional approach to recording provides a great working platform. He has the ability to understand the level that each artist is at and and explains the process clearly. The studio has a great feel to it and the equipment is a blend of tried and tested gear all backed up by the most up-to-date technology and software. SongCave also provides flexible times so you can fit in with other commitments .


Elliot's knowledge of music, the industry and his experience with recording is second to none. He keeps the process moving along so as to achieve want you want to achieve by the end of the session. Watching him play various instruments in the studio was definitely a highlight for me.


When recording with El or watching him play, you quickly learn that it's not just his job, it's his passion !


If you have a project in mind and are in need for a studio and or a producer give Eliot and Gilly a call at SongCave . You won't be disappointed.




"A gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Eliot is a talent on so many creative levels. His work on the Sound mastering of our feature film was next level. I would recommend Song Cave Studios to any professional in the industry."


Producer & Director of Photography.

"There's Something in The Pilliga" feature Film.



“I have found what I needed at SongCave Studios, a one stop shop for all my recording and production needs. Eliot has from the beginning of our work together, seamlessly become a trusted friend and advisor on my various CD projects. Thanks to his versatility and commitment to deliver what I needed, he has been able to take the many recording formats of my many recordings over the years, and now I have them all in the one format and I have been completing these album projects one by one at SongCave Studios. Thanks to Eliot's professional approach and extensive knowledge as a producer and sound engineer, he was able to determine the sound I wanted and now the mixed and mastered songs sound great to me. I will continue to use Eliot’s services to record my songs, and I recommend any recording artist to do so as well.”


Diego LLisebir - Singer & Songwriter


"As a filmmaker I’ve used the Song Cave's studio several times for voice over and music recording. I am impressed with their equipment and set up, and their extensive music library that I could draw upon for my own and clients’ productions. From their years of experience in the music industry they also know what they’re doing - leaving no room for errors.”


 Gary Caganoff, Lysis Films.

Grad. Dip. Transpersonal Psychotherapy

M. Appl. Sc. Social Ecology

m: 041 99 72 427



Hi all, my name is Sindy Gavin and recently I had the pleasure of recording my first album at Songcave Studio's. The studio has a very laid back and relaxing feel , but at the same time is run with the utmost professionalism.  Eliot will guide you through the process and complement your music, resulting in complete satisfaction. I highly recommend SongCave Studios."


Cheers Sindy Gavin



"I have recorded several times at the Song Cave with Eliot Reynolds

as sound engineer, and I've always been impressed with the rich but natural sound quality which he produces. Probably this is helped by the relaxed and focused atmosphere in the studio.

It's also so nice to have an engineer who understands singers."


Jane Andino

Canto Latino



"I would like to thank you personally for the very professional and totally relaxed experience whilst recording the drum tracks for Kell.


To Fellow Musicians out there looking for a Professional demo or EP to be produced and Mastered I would not hesitate to endorse anyone else but the SongCave."


Thanks a Million Eliot & Gilly

Jase Shanahan





At SongCave we have a variety of different services; therefore the rates may vary from job to job. As always, if you’re unsure of anything it’s best to call and discuss your needs and we will provide you with a package deal to suit your budget.


Rates and Terms


At SongCave Studios we don't believe in "clock watching" and quote per job prior to commencement. So if a job takes 2 days - 5 days it is the same price. Eliot Reynolds has been doing such jobs for many years and you will find the quotes VERY competitive with no hidden surprises! But if you do need an hourly rate we start at $80 per hour.


This will allow you to budget for your project and get the best results at the best price possible.


Music Production/Arranging/Recording/Mixing


We prefer to quote per song rather than per hour.


Quotes include production, session musicians * and mixing.


* Session musicians included are guitar, bass, piano, drums, mandolin, lap steel, ukelele, trumpet, cornet Jembe/percussion. We also host a large library of sampled instruments.

Specialist fiddle or "real" orchestral instruments like violins, viola, saxophone, clarinet etc can be quoted extra as required.


Demos - Of course we can quote your demo -  this tends to work best at an hourly rate.


Mastering is best quoted at a competitive rate toward the end of  the project.


Albums - Generous discounts apply.


You can access our mastering services from anywhere in the world at no extra charge.




We accept Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit.

All bookings confirmed by $100 deposit.

Recording/Mixing - Full balance due on day 1 of recording.

Mastering - Full balance due on day - prior to release of material.

Tuition - Full School Term in advance. ($40 per lesson 30 minutes)


It our usual policy that no masters leave the building until the account is paid in full.

Most clients fix up the bill toward the end of the session.